Saturday, February 17, 2018

Popular SA Kwaito star dies after diabetes complications

Cape Town - Kwaito star Mixon 'Tsekeleke' Tholo died on Tuesday night after a long sickbed. According to EWN, Tholo was admitted to a hospital in Vosloorus due to complications related to diabetes. The local singer was best known for his hit song Fatty Boom Boom. Nathi Mthethwa, Minister of Arts and Culture Minister, shared his condolences on social media,...

Practical Ways To Help You Care A Diabetic Loved One

You don't mean to be part of the "diabetes police," of course—you just want to help. But assisting others in taking good care of their health can cause distress in even the most loving relationships. Policing someone else's health often causes relationship problems, although love and concern may be at the heart of the matter....

4 Great Way To Boost Your Walking Work Out

For all the attention we give the latest fitness craze (did you hear about the one that combines yoga and break dancing?), we're awfully quick to dismiss one of the best workouts around: walking. True, it's not exotic. But unlike so many of the fitness fads we believe will motivate us to sweat, it doesn't...

Awesome Ways To Get Fit From Sitting Using These Tips

Exercise is crucial for strength and flexibility. You know that. You might have even heard about studies that link sedentary lifestyles with increased insulin resistance and earlier death. What you might not know: It’s possible to exercise with a chronic condition—with your doctor’s OK, of course. In fact, for people who use wheelchairs or who have...

Awesome Hacks For Your Diabetes Medicine and Device

Memory Aid To make sure I never miss a medication dose, I keep my prescription medication bottles in a plastic container. After I take my morning meds, I turn the bottles upside down. If I’m not sure whether I’ve taken my meds, I just look inside the container holding the bottles. If one of them...

9 Lifestyle Tips to Avoid Diabetes Complications

Keeping your diabetes under control will help you prevent heart, nerve, and foot problems. Here's what you can do right now. Lose extra weight. Moving toward a healthy weight helps control blood sugars. Your doctor, a dietitian, and a fitness trainer can get you started on a plan that will work for you. Check your blood sugar level at least twice a day. Is it...

Treating Your Type 2 Diabetes Condition with This Surprising Drug

Medication currently being used to treat obesity is also proving to have significant health benefits for patients with type 2 diabetes, according to a new study published today. The earlier diabetes is diagnosed and treatment starts, the better. Treating diabetes early reduces your risk of other health problems. The study explains how this therapeutic benefit for type 2...

Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast

ANALYSIS/OPINION: Did you eat breakfast today? Or are you one of the estimated 31 million Americans who skip breakfast because you don’t feel hungry, are “too busy,” or just don’t want to eat that meal? Whether you are a breakfast-eater or not, you need to know that there are proven, vital health reasons to never...

Diane Abbott Speak Out About His Diabetes

Diane Abbott’s disclosure that she struggled with fluctuating blood sugar levels during the election campaign will chime with many of the 3.6 million people in the UK who, like her, live with diabetes. “During the election campaign, everything went crazy – and the diabetes was out of control, the blood sugar was out of control,” she told...

Find Out How This Seaweed Prevents Diabetes and even Breast Cancer

Seaweed has long been a staple of Japan, which is one of the longest living cultures in the world. Is there a connection? You bet. Most notably, wakame seaweed is rich in a number of vitamins and minerals. It provides a great nutritional boost while supporting the cardiovascular system, maintaining hormonal balance, strengthening bones, improving circulation and promoting skin...


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