Thursday, February 22, 2018

How to Help Your Diabetes Medications Work Better

Want to get an extra boost from your meds? Healthy changes in your life may help the drugs you take to do a better job of bringing your type 2 diabetes under control, says Richard Siegel, MD, co-director of the Diabetes Center at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. You might even be able to...

What Medicines Can Make Your Blood Sugar Spike?

If you have diabetes or high blood sugar, you probably know some of the things that cause your glucose (another name for blood sugar) to go up. Like a meal with too many carbohydrates, or not enough exercise. But other medicines you might take to keep yourself healthy can cause a spike, too. Know Your Meds Medicines you get with a...

The Ways My Little Dog, Noodle, Helped Me With My Diabetes

Our darling mini-schnauzer, Noodle Rush, passed away last week. Noodle was more than my first dog; she was my partner in diabetes care. Named after one of my favorite carbohydrates, from her very first snuffle into our lives she began to train me with regular walks and daily rituals that kept my sugars low and...

New Therapy Could Protect Diabetic Bones

A drug that can reverse diabetes and obesity in mice may have an unexpected benefit: strengthening bones. Experiments with a compound called TNP (2,4,6-trinitrophenol, which is also known as picric acid), which researchers often use to study obesity and diabetes, show that in mice the therapy can promote the formation of new bone. That’s...

Pill that can prevent heart diseases and diabetes in one

Heart disease and type 2 diabetes could be prevented by taking a single pill in the future if predictions by scientists prove true. Both conditions, which are the leading causes of death and illness across the world, are linked by the same genes, a major study found. Based on DNA data of more than 250,000 people,...

Dealing with rampant diabetes

DIABETES, described by the World Health Organisation as an important cause of premature death and disability, is mushrooming in Nigeria, but without the knowledge of many sufferers.  A recent claim that over 50 per cent of diabetics do not know their status should be a cause for grave concern for health officials in a...

7 Tips for Managing Your Diabetes While Fighting a Cold or Flu

Having a cold or flu is no fun for anyone. The sore throat, runny nose, burning eyes, and fever-induced aches and pains? No, thank you. I feel I can safely say that most of us would like to just sleep right through them, and that’s probably exactly what you need most of the time....

How To Love Your Inner Self Even With Diabetes

When you have a chronic health condition like diabetes, it’s not always easy to feel beautiful. After all, watching nearly every morsel you put in your mouth, monitoring your blood sugar several times a day, keeping your weight down and maybe wearing a pump can make any woman body-conscious. Unfortunately, 30% to 40% of teenage...

Want to Know More About DIABETES? Here are Some DIABETES Myths De-Mystified

Even if you don't have diabetes, you can probably imagine how challenging it must be to live with a disease that requires such constant vigilance of your physical health. You might not immediately pick up on how mentally taxing diabetes can be, though. In fact, it's "considered to be one of the most psychologically demanding...

When Your Date Mansplains Type 1 Diabetes to You

A woman with Type 1 diabetes shared a video of a quasi-date that quickly went downhill when the subject turned to diabetes.   In a video posted on the “You Know You’re a Type 1 Diabetic when…” Facebook group, Rose Gelin described how the date got off to a rocky start when the man she met...


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